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Thank you to all of these amazing people who donated to the fundraising efforts of our studio space!

Benefactors | $150 and Up

Anthony Pike

Tristan Wagner

Brenda Bennett-Pike

Joanna Wilwerding

Leila Hinkle

Barbara Johnson

Ross Brown

Dean Poff

Sherman Reed Anderson

Platinum | $100 - $150

Tyler Harms

Elizabeth Gund

Marianne Cannady

Stephanie Bolweg Cleary

Thayer Nicholas Granstrom Bray

Abigail Patton

Larry Mosley

James Swain

Nancy Ives

Jeneva Tollison

Illinois Blasdel

Casandra Luna

Mary Ann Luna


Dawn Winkler

Tara Tonsor

Gold | $50 - $100


Katherine Sumner

Katie Larson

Heather Bublick and D'Andre Carter

Tarrah Rose Anderson

Cheryl Toh

Sam Logan

Jaime David

Autumn Randell

Christine Kahm

Rosemary Henige

Stefany J Spears

Megan Summers

Matthew Willie Garcia

Danica Lyons

Drew Higgins

Bailey Pike

Lance Jepson

Cindy Puett

Sam Green 

Mike Trollinger

Maker Village

Carole Bulton

Ashley Sadowski

Susan Warden

Keiren Greenhouse

Sami Freese

Karie Fahrenholz

Sarah Preu

Alex Dunsford

Rachel Henkhaus

Erik Lalande

Jacqueline Arvans

West Valentine

Eve Evangezos

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Silver | $25 - $50

Anson Pruneda

Kathryn Huey

Nadine Appenbrink

Jami Woods

Danielle Myers

Kristen Clarke

Heather Myer

Lorrie Eigles

Patrick Thompson

Cydney Ross

Katy Boucher

Katy Schamberger

Betsy Thomas

Taylor Ann

Kris Adair

Erin Zona

Ashleigh Anderson

Kati Griffin Hill

Alison Dowd

Betty Wright

Joyce Oswald

Tammy Smith

Erik Messner

Jami Powell

Annie Watson

Abigail Pumphrey

Marie McInerney

Katie van Dieren

Melisa Bollig Morgan

Hannah Lodwick

Sonja Elizabeth Garrett

Halcombe Miller

Bronze | Up to $25

Lauren Stindt

Ashli Weatherby

Michele Fricke

Justin Border


Katelyn Gettner

Christina Smith

Cat Snapp

Bridget Yarnevich Dixon


Laura Capello

Valerie Ugarte

Stephen Martin

Ami Freeberg

Rachel Brynds

Kendra Lind


Jennifer Woodward

Kate Smithson


Hannah March Cambell


Alex Mallett

Jessica Simorte

Special Thanks

to these awesome people & busineses who

donated goods & services for our fundraising efforts!

Kelsey Wroten

Flannery Cashill

Chris Foxworthy

High Westhus

Chris Allgood

Ted Miller

Cinder Block Brewery
Cocktails from Urban Provisions  

KC Canning CO

Inner Space Yoga
Kaizen Fitness Collective
Kansas City Art Institute Continuing Education
Eat Drink Stitch
Red Coffee
Boozy Botanicals
Messner Family Farms
Messenger Coffee
Hand & Land
It's Vann
Lifted Spirits
Seven Sisters Handmade
TwoTone Press
Kitschup Creations
Central Candle Co
Charlotte Street Shirt Company
Goosemonkey Tees

Oddities Prints
Sweet Destructor

Flavor Trade

House of Flowers
Ladies Night

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Thank you to our partners and neighbors!

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