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Visit our shop of curated maker goods from the members of Cherry Pit Collective at Objects! You can find everything from fine art, jewelry, vintage clothing, ceramics, home goods, textiles, cards and stationery, holiday ornaments and more!
We will be open every weekend starting Nov. 15th through Dec. 23rd, at 605 E 31 ST. We will also feature special guests on most days! 🍒

Check out our weekly schedule of pop-ups and hours:

Weekend 1:
Friday, 11/15 4pm-7pm
Saturday, 11/16 11am-6pm - featuring Allyson Lassiter 12-4pm
Sunday, 11/17 11am-5pm -  featuring Hyper Vigil 12-4pm

Weekend 2:
Friday, 11/22 4pm-7pm
Saturday, 11/23 11am-6pm - featuring Kaitlin Osman 12-4pm
Sunday, 11/24 11am-5pm-  featuring Paulina Otero 12-4pm

Weekend 3:
Friday, 11/29 4-7pm
Saturday, 11/30 11am-6pm-  featuring Virgil's Plant Shop 12-4pm
Sunday, 12/1 11am-5pm- featuring Paige Beltowski 12-4pm

Weekend 4:
Friday, 12/6 4-7pm-  featuring Swoon Cookies 4-7pm
Saturday, 12/7 11am-6pm-  featuring Tuesday Makes 12-4pm
Sunday, 12/8 11am-5pm -  featuring Stag Pizza 12-4pm

Weekend 5:
Friday, 12/13 4-7pm-  featuring Dead Beet Tacos 4-7pm
Saturday, 12/14 11am-6pm -  featuring Easy As Pie 12-4pm
Sunday, 12/15 11am-5pm -  featuring Jamie Gray 12-4pm

Weekend 6:
Thursday, 12/19 2-7pm - bonus Thursday!
Friday, 12/20 4-7pm-  featuring Positive Pennants 4-7pm
Saturday, 12/21 11am-6pm-  featuring Merry Little Studio 12-4pm
Sunday, 12/22 11am-5pm -  featuring Barb. is. Baking 12-4pm
Monday, 12/23 11am-7pm - last chance!

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